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22th September 2013
There is a new page about Bombs And Bugs on my new homepage. You can download all versions for free and read a little bit about Bombs And Bugs here :)

14th Feburary 2012
Do you have an Android phone? Then take a look at my new game Eiloball :)

27th January 2012
Wow, even after more than 15 years there are still lots of downloads (especially of the old DOS version - which runs fine with DOSBox btw.) of my little game. I've tried to port it to Android a while ago, but the game mechanics just don't translate well to a device with touchscreen :-/
But feat not, in the near future I will release some games for Android which will be as much fun as Bombs And Bugs :)
Speaking of fun, I was pretty humbled when I found this video here - I don't know any frech, but she doesn't sound like she hates it :)

Video Oldie Bombs & Bugs (1997) / Rattler Race... von Santian69

23rd January 2005
Something new... :-) EiloThek was just released. Take a look here: EiloThek page.

7th March 2004
Wow, after more than three years a new news-item :-) Not Bombs And Bugs related, but I made a "Now Playing" plug-in for iTunes and mIRC. You can display the currently played song from iTunes in mIRC. It's available here

12th December 2000
There is new review of Bombs and Bugs at

31st October 2000
Our yearly update... Bombs and Bugs 3.1 is ready for download.
  • Bombs and Bugs is now a "true" Windows 95/98 program using DirectX 7.0! It may even run on Windows ME and 2000, but this is untested.
  • Due to the platform change the hardware requirements are a little higher, but in exchange many problems (like no sound with PCI soundcards and crashes on an Athlon system with 3.0) are solved.
  • The controls of the bugs are now fully customizable. ATTENTION: You need a new registration key for version 3.1, but if you already got one for an older version, just send it to us ("") and we will send you a new one for free. The key is a small file called "regis.key".
  • Due to the weak Euro currency, Bombs and Bugs got cheaper!!! Now it is just 10 US Dollar (or 7 UK pound)
  • But there are sad news: This will most likely be the last version of Bombs And Bugs. Since we couldn't invest as much time in it as we liked (which everyone has noticed, I think), we will stop any develpoment on this game. Hope everyone had fun with this! But maybe sometime there will be a new AWKWARD Software game at the horizon...

25th February '99
IT'S DONE! Finally 'Bombs and Bugs 3.0' is released!!! You can grab the shareware here or read more about it on this page. Sorry for the looooooooooooooooon delay!!! But now it's ready! Start bombing!!!

21st April '98
We're still alive! Due to a bad combination of lack-of-time (sadly, making games is not the only thing in our life) and problems with the host of these pages, we had no possibility to update frequently. Sorry! We can only get better :-)
Release 3.0 of Bombs and Bugs is still not completed. We will release it in three to four weeks, but we will not include all things we would like to include. All promised goodies (SVGA, better AI and other things) will make it, but then we will stop working on it. We want to start a new project soon - it is very tired to work on the same game for years ( Bombs and Bugs started back in 1993).
Good News! We finally located the annoying joystick-bug in the registered release 2.1 and we will fix it in the next few days and then inform all registered users. Isn't that a good cause to order Bombs and Bugs ?
We also finfished the survey about 'Why don't you buy Bombs and Bugs' and will announce the results soon. Of course you can still send us some e-mails.

16th October '97
Version 2.1 is complete. One more feature was added: If a bug is killed his power-ups are flying all around the screen. If you are lucky you can grab one.
Version 3.0 will not only contain SVGA and many other new features, but a new playing mode: Why allways play a deathmatch with your friends? We will add a 'capture the flag' like game mode for four players! Two teams with two bugs each try to steal a thing (we don't know what yet - if you have an idea e-mail us) from each other.
Remember: Release 2.1 is only available for registered users. There will be no new shareware version. So register today!

21st September '97
Hey, slowly we act like the big companies... Release 2.1 had so many bugs, we decided to delay the release till next week. Another new feature will be an adjustable timelimt for every round.

19th September '97
Version 2.1 of Bombs and Bugs is done. This version is only available for registered users. So register today to get the newest release! The following changes were made for 2.1:
- improved collision detection
- fixed some bugs in the AI (no, not your four favourite ones...)
- choose between 'classic' corner starts and new random positions
- debirs scatters around wenn you destroy a stone
- big explosions make the screen shake
- an options screen to toggle the three features above
Also Bombs and Bugs was 'Game of the Day' on 18th September '97 at Megadirectory.

16th September '97
Now you can order by credit card on a secure server. Just visit ShareIt! and register online. For just US$15 you will be a proud owner of Bombs and Bugs within the next 48 hours.
We also have updated the docs for Bombs and Bugs.

15th September '97
Bad news: Due to serveral causes (for example: webhosting gets more expensive) we have to raise the price of ''Bombs and Bugs' to $15. This will happen in the next few days.
Good news: We will be able to accept credit card orders by then.

12th September '97
Now we've got a formmail cgi-script from CGI free. Now you can stay anonymous if you send us any forms.

11th September '97
Some changes at the Bombs and Bugs page.

10th September '97
We did some design improvements and added our philosophy.
The Order Online page is up.
An updated version of the 'Bombs and Bugs' documentation is available. Get it here.

9th September '97
Well, we've got the first independent review of 'Bombs and Bugs'. You can read it here at KickAss.
'Bombs and Bugs' has entered the Hits 100 at Happy Puppy.
Added some new links.

5th September '97
wOOp! 'Bombs and Bugs' shareware is 'Demo of the day' at PC-Gamer.
Added the page with the links. There are also alternative download URLs available now.

2nd September '97
If you have sent e-mails before 1st September '97 and you are still waiting for answer, then please mail again. A harddisk-crash destroyed all my e-mails :-(

28th August '97
Updated the 'Help wanted' page.

23rd August '97
The 'Help wanted' page is ready.

16th August '97
Finally the english pages are online! Now get 'Bombs and Bugs V2.0s' here!